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In order for us to provide a quote for your accounting and/or bookkeeping work, we require access to your Xero file. This is only temporary, and if you decide not to engage with LINK you can easily revoke this access.

We take privacy seriously, and so, everything in your books stays between us. Enabling access to your subscription is easy, and only takes 6 simple steps. 

Step 1: Log in to your organisation on Xero.

Step 2: Click on your organisation's name and then select Settings in the dropdown menu.

(Reference for Step 2)

Step 3: Click on Users.

image (15)

(Reference for Step 3)

Step 4: Click Invite a User to enter the new user's details.

Step 5: Refer to the corresponding screenshot. Enter Link Brisbane for the name and as the email address.

Its up to you how much access you’d like to provide us with at this stage. Ideally, we’d like the following access:

  • Payroll Admin
  • Business and Accounting > Adviser
  • Manage users (not mandatory, if you do come on as a client we will request this at a later date)

Step 6: Click Send Invite to complete the process.

image (4)

(Reference for Step 5 and 6)

Thank you. We’ll accept the invitation and review your Xero file ASAP.


What happens next:

  • If you choose to accept our engagement proposal and come on board, we’ll discuss a few extra steps that will be required;
  • If you don’t decide to come on board, you can revoke our access by going into the users section of Xero and removing Link Brisbane.

Brisbane's Xero
Platinum Partners

We are proud to say that we are Xero Platinum Partners. We work with hundreds of clients from a diverse range of industries, all of them using Xero as the financial hub of their business. Our bookkeepers and accountants love using Xero, and they are all Xero Certified Advisors. We use Xero to gain insights into our clients' businesses like never before. LINK takes full advantage of Xero's cloud-based technologies - this coupled with our team's love of going above and beyond for our clients, will blow your mind.